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Rescue from Heights and Depths
The technical rescue from the heights and depths, are most required in terms of technical knowledge require and they required that the climbing equipment is of the highest quality. In our sales program, we offer climbing equipment from FALL SAFE and PETZL, both companies being at the forefront in the production of c...

  • Climbing harness
    Climbing harness

    The climbing harness is the most important piece of equipment for any climber. The climbing harness is a key element of safety and security during climbing and provides comfort while working at height, while protecting a fellow climber or while correcting climbing directions.

    Petzl quality
    All Petzl products we have in our offer are precisely made to provide both protection and complete comfort while climbing. It is important that the climbing harness protects and provides all the safety elements during the climb, but it is also important that it does not interfere with walking, that it is easy and practical to transport and of course durable and durable in all climbing conditions. Petzl belts allow you to do all this.

    It is important to choose the right climbing harness
    Petzl climbing belts differ according to the needs of the climber and according to the body construction of the climber. It is important that the belt fits perfectly to the user's body, as this is the only way to ensure the highest possible level of safety during climbing. On our website you can find a wide range of both women's and men's belts from Petzl, and we have also added children's belts for young climbers. A well-fitting belt is a must-have for every climber, alpinist and mountaineer, as it represents an important part of protection during climbing. That is why all Petzl products in our offer have adjustable leg loops and an adjustable side belt, which means that the climbing belt adapts perfectly to the user in all seasons and in every climbing situation.

    Wide offer
    Different types of climbing require different climbing belts. For every climbing situation, Petzl offers a belt that is specifically designed for certain climbing circumstances. Rock climbing requires a different belt than indoor climbing, for alpinists and touring skiers and ice climbers, the belts are specially adapted for use in such a demanding environment. We also have Petzl belts for use in ferrata climbing and special belts intended for use in canyoning. Caving requires a special shape of the belt, which does not interfere in tight spaces, is extremely durable and robust and additionally protected from wear. All belts in our quality offer are light and comfortable, equipped with loops for various types of accessories, such as carabiners, carabiners, guards, clamps. Climbing harnesses can be further combined with various elements to ensure maximum safety and the best quality of equipment in every situation.

    Petzl climbing belts represent an extremely high standard, as they are the market leaders in the offer of climbing equipment. A light, comfortable, convenient and durable belt is a must-have for every climber, and a wide selection of belts can be found at

  • Climbing gloves and helmets
    Climbing gloves and...

    Climbing gloves and helmets are a necessary part of protective equipment when climbing, working at height or when arranging mountain trails. Comfort and quality are extremely important, as both helmets and gloves are exposed to various weather conditions and mechanical wear. All protective equipment must be durable but at the same time comfortable to wear and use.

    Quality protection
    Quality protective gloves from the manufacturer Fall Safe are an integral part of every climbing equipment, but they are also necessary when working at height, when repairing and rehabilitating mountain trails, when climbing in ferratas, in caves and in canyoning. Protection and safety always come first, as it allows us to enjoy all our activities in a relaxed way. The durable Fall Safe gloves found in our offer represent the standard of protection in both the climbing and caving worlds. Robust but extremely practical can be used in many areas such as mountain rescue, caving, work at height, window cleaning, all roofing work, pruning and felling trees, climbing, arranging mountain trails, installation of electrical and wind devices… Fall Safe gloves have the option of a "half finger" which allows greater usability at work, and all are also equipped with a simple hook for installation on the belt, so that they are at the same time tidy and quickly accessible.

    A smart head is protected by a helmet
    A quality helmet is an important part of any safety kit, as it represents the most important protection — protection for our head. Airy, light and comfortable helmets from Petzl and Fall Safe are available in various sizes and colors. It is important that the helmet adapts perfectly to the user, that it does not obstruct or narrow him, does not obscure his field of vision, and at the same time completely protects against bumps and falls. Petzl and Fall Safe helmets are intended for rescue, work at height, tree pruning, caving, canyoning, ferrata climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountaineering, touring skiing… Each of these areas requires safe and comfortable protection, which is at the same time robust, durable and durable but easy to transport and extremely comfortable to wear. A helmet is a basic safety feature and is mandatory wherever there is a high risk of head injuries.

    Fall Safe and Petzl products can be found on our website and you can choose from a wide range of helmets and gloves for protection against injuries at work or between sports such as climbing, mountaineering, mountaineering and cross-country skiing. You can find quality and quality gloves and helmets in our online store at "".

  • Climbing and transport bags
    Climbing and transport...

    carrying bags, alpine equipment, climbing equipment, ropes, carabiners, loops, safety equipment

  • Climbing ropes and loops
    Climbing ropes and loops

    When we encounter work or rescue from heights and depths, we need special equipment that allows us to rescue safely and efficiently. Ropes, carabiners, loops, belts and other necessary equipment from the quality manufacturer Petzl, which requires work at height, rescue from caves and protection during climbing and in highly demanding mountaineering, must be convenient, simple, high quality and highly effective. On our website "" you will find all the necessary ropes and loops for all situations and for different areas of work produced by Petzl.

    Petzl quality
    Ropes are a key part of any rescue kit no matter the situation. They are made of 2 layers: a strong inner core and a protective outer shell. The core is made of co-twisted nylon fibers that allow dynamic stretching when dropped. The nylon fiber tube creates a sheath that is made to protect the core and is abrasion resistant. Both layers together create a strong and durable element that is lightweight and flexible.

    Unstretchable, ie static ropes are usually used for industrial purposes and in caving, as well as for towing heavy loads. Statics are also used for rescue in fires, in rescuing from rubble and caves, for towing heavy loads and for transporting heavier accessories. Quality workmanship ensures a long service life and allows use in all situations, even in the most stressful and dangerous. Dynamic ropes are used for sport climbing, which can stretch when falling and reduce the load. Petzl has created the perfect elements for climbing use for sport climbing. The dynamic rope must be temporarily extended under load to reduce the force on the equipment and participants during the fall.

    On our website you will find both dynamic and static ropes, suitable for rescue, climbing, caving, work at height… For each of these situations we offer you high quality Petzl, convenient and durable products that work perfectly even in difficult conditions .

    Small but extremely important
    TEE-UU rescue loops are mandatory equipment for every firefighter, as they are indispensable in dangerous fire situations. All loops manufactured by TEE-UU in our offer are of high quality and manufactured according to the required standards. All rescue loops are durable and convenient and easy to use. They are used by cavers as well as volunteer firefighters and professional firefighters as they represent one of the key elements of any set of rescue equipment. TEE-UU loops have a long service life thanks to a special knitting system.

    Wide range of TEE-UU loops on our website "".

  • Climbing accessories
    Climbing accessories

    The wide and high-quality selection of climbing accessories from Petzl includes carabiners, rope clamps, rescue brakes, additional rope extensions and protection elements for the equipment. We have Petzl products available for beginners as well as for experienced climbers, cavers and altitude workers. All offers from the manufacturer Petzl are carefully selected and ensure long-term and quality use. Since most climbing accessories are only compatible, you can choose and create your own set of equipment that will suit your needs and desires.

    Small but extremely important
    A small but very important piece of climbing equipment. They represent additional safety, comfort and quality when climbing. A large selection of carabiners and clamps from the leading manufacturer Petzl provides complete freedom and safety when climbing, and rescue brakes are an exceptional safety element. For both beginners and experienced climbers, these products are crucial. Because there are so many of these products, it is extremely important that they are designed to provide complete optimization between weight and load capacity. Petzl is a leading company in the field of novelties and innovations in the climbing world. Because we need a larger number of climbing equipment at once, their weight and quality workmanship are extremely important for every climber.

    All climbing elements in our offer are of the highest quality, they are designed for the needs of individual climbing terrain, they are easy and convenient and completely easy to use. Both carabiners and rescue self-brakes are a necessary part of climbing equipment both in the wall and in the hall.

    Petzl and Fall Safe - quality and reliability
    Petzl and Fall Safe climbing accessories are an important part of cave equipment. All caving products are specially designed for use in tight and enclosed spaces, their construction prevents jamming, and their service life is very long thanks to the quality of the material to be made. All climbing aids can be combined and combined into a meaningful whole that suits your climbing environment. A large selection of elements enables safe and comfortable climbing both in the wall and in caves. A wide range of climbing accessories is intended for beginners, as they need additional help and protection when climbing. Safety and self-protection elements allow the climber to progress faster, reduce the number of accidents and enable safe and comfortable climbing. A wide range of climbing accessories for more experienced climbers who are engaged in ice climbing or mountaineering allows them to completely complete their climbing equipment.

    All the necessary climbing accessories from Petzl and Fall Safe are available in our online store.

  • Carabiners
  • Climbing kits
    Climbing kits
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